Natalie Oxley

27 - London

Blonde bombshell Natalie Oxley lived in the CandyCrib house during the TV show, where she spent time with other top glamour models like Jerri Byrne, Kayleigh Pearson, Claire Andrisani, Krystle and Amii Grove. During her time in the house, CandyCrib captured dozens of images from exclusive shoots and provided hours of video footage, where the sexy glamour model can often be found frolicking with her glamour girl co-stars in various states of undress. It was the first time naughty Natalie Oxley, a self-proclaimed wild child, had lived away from home and she made the most of her freedom, as CandyCrib’s photos and videos show. The former Tesco check-out girl began her road to pin-up stardom when she entered the FHM 2004 High Street Honeys competition. The pervious year’s competition was won by Kayleigh Pearson, with second place going to Charlotte Marshall – both girls then went on to work extensively with CandyCrib. Natalie Oxley made it to the finals of the FHM competition and it proved to be her springboard to glamour girl and pin-up stardom. In that same year she came in at No. 64 in the lads’ mag’s 100 Sexiest Women poll, ahead of the likes of Playboy model and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and actress Cameron Diaz. Since then pin-up Natalie has appeared topless with Page 3 legend Lucy Pinder in Loaded magazine, and starred with Charlotte McKenna and fellow CandyCrib girl Casey Batchelor in The Fratelli’s video Flathead. As well as lads’ mags, the glamour model has appeared on many occasions in tabloid papers, and also dressed up as a naked 12th Century maiden wearing only a helmet to help promote the PC game Medieval II: Total War. In interviews, Natalie has lived up to her wild child image, saying she doesn’t wear knickers on a night out, and that she would love to snog Page 3 star Sophie Howard.

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