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Pint-sized pocket rocket Casey Batchelor has been impressing the members of CandyCrib with her massive breasts. Casey was born in Essex and knew from an early age that she would be generously blessed in the boob region. By the age of 15 her boobs were an E and when she hit 18 they hit FF. The big boobs are all the more noticeable when you remember that Casey stands at only 5ft 3ins tall. Now 24-year-old Casey has been one for the UK’s top glamour models for three or fours, spending much of that time working with CandyCrib where we have built up an impressive archive of exclusive photos and video footage. Naturally, she says having such impressive cleavage brings many advantages, such as getting into nightclubs when she was younger. They also ensured she never had to wait more than 30 seconds for a drink at the bar! She also says they tend to dominate proceedings in the bedroom when guys see them unleashed for the first time. In an interview she says: “They have this strange hypnotising effect and I have to click my fingers to get their attention. Luckily I’ve got plenty more to offer than just my boobs!” In fact, she is most proud of her bum, which she says is toned and round because of years of dance school. She can also do the splits and put her legs behind her head. Now she regularly appears in lads’ mags such as Nuts and Zoo, and was named Miss Maxim for April 2006. Casey has also expressed desire to be an actress in Hollywood. She has already posed as Lara Croft to promote a slot machine based on the sexy action hero, and in the summer of 2008 went to LA in a bid to kick-start her acting career. In the future she wants to set up a lingerie firm for girls with boobs as big as hers.

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