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  • CandyCrib 3.0

    Ladies and gentlemen, <br /> <br /> Please brace yourselves , in the next 6 hours a new CandyCrib.comwill be launched!!! <br /> <br /> We have rebuilt the new Crib from the ground up. We were as annoyed as you were with the increase in error pages and we have done something about it. The new Crib is leaner, meaner and easier on the eye. You will see some big changes, but for those you who fear this kind of stuff. Fear not! You can still enjoy the same crib, it's just faster and prettier.<br /> <br /> We will be launching the new crib with some limitations as we want to make sure each part is working as efficiently as possible. We will keep you informed post launch of what will be there and what will be coming soon. Of course, there will be a few teething problems, and your feedback is essential. So drop us a line and let us know. <br /> <br /> During the upgrade this evening we will be shutting down logins to the site. You will still be able to browse the crib but we will be frantically working away in the background upgrading the new site. <br /> <br /> Have fun folks! See ye on the other side!!<br /> <br /> Love<br /> <br /> Team CandyCrib.<br /> <br /> x

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  • CandyCrib VIP - Questions Answered

    I knew this was going to cause uproar. <br /> <br /> But here's how this works.<br /> <br /> <a href="">CandyCrib</a> will continue to exist as is. You can view, comment, PM, fan and everything you were able to do yesterday on the <a href="">CandyCrib</a>. The difference is that some of the models have uploaded content that they can get paid for. This content is available on <a href="">CandyCrib</a> VIP. Its a now a 2 tier system. <a href="">CandyCrib</a> continues to run and there is now an area with exclusive content that the girls get paid directly for. <br /> <br /> In terms of <a href="">CandyCrib</a>'s greed.... We have yet to make any money from this. We tried advertising a few months ago but the numbers were way to low to sustain the site. We needed to come up with something different. I'm quiet proud of the model we went for, a way to share the money with the models and a platform where the model is in control. <br /> <br /> If you cant handle it, then it was nice knowing you and hope to see you when you've picked your toys back up. <br /> <br /> This is a game changer, it's early days but I would hope that in a few months time we have a thriving community where the top models are making some good money and the viewers are happy with the direct interaction they can experience through <a href="">CandyCrib</a> VIP. <br /> <br /> There has obviously been some major changes, so bear with us over the next few days to settle the site in and get rid of any bugs. I hope you continue to enjoy the crib and for those of you who are thinking of going VIP I hope you enjoy.<br /> <br /> Thanks<br /> <br /> Roger <br />

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